2021 – A Very Good Year

Richard SwordsNews

The Autumn provides us with a good opportunity to look back and reflect on the past golfing season. As always, there have been some challenges throughout the year, which some restrictions still in place during the pre-season period, the heavy rain during the summer and the subsequent effect on the golf course. However, when looking back I must write that the 2021 season has been a great success and I am left with a sense of gratitude for the opportunities that came my way.

Golf is not just about elite sporting success. The challenge that a club golfers faces when aiming to improve his or her game is basically the same as that of a high performing player, and the feeling of achieving such a goal is equally sweet. I have been delighted to see so many golfers on their way to better golf and help beginners experience this magical game, hopefully to become lifelong golfers.

The junior section at G&CC Basel has enjoyed a fantastic year. Karin Widmer and her team have continued the great work developing junior golf in the club. Events such as the Vollmond Turnier, the Easter Camp, and Summer Camp (with over 60 participants!) have helped create a wonderful team spirit and friendship between the young players.

Such inclusive, fun events help develop a love for the game and possibly the chance to move on to high level golf. This was evident this year, with the junior team winning the Swiss Team Championships, players winning individual regional and national tournaments, and multiple players representing Switzerland in the national teams.

In addition to G&CC Basel’s junior successes, the adult teams also performed very well. With solid performances in the men’s and ladies’ A1, promotion for the senior team, a medal in B1 and promotion from B3 to B2 for the ladies, all teams can be very proud of themselves.

I am sure the the members of G&CC Basel feel a sense of pride when they see the rich sporting history of the club being continued. When a team wins, the whole club wins.

On top of the G&CC Basel successes, it has been a pleasure to welcome so many guests to the practice facility and course. Goals have varied from making the PR to winning the club championship, to representing Switzerland.

I would like to thank everyone who has trusted me with helping them develop their golf, for the places it takes me and the memories it leaves. I wish you all a very good winter season, good health and all the very best.